Diary Entry: 25th of November 1947

Posted: 25/11/2013 in Uncategorized

At 9:27 hours we moved our forward recon unit to assist a British distress call from the farmhouse 47 at Saint Vincent’s.

Sergeant Barnes reported 7 war zombies and were promptly dispatched. During the firefight it was noted that gunfire was taking place inside the main farm dwellings. By the time Sergeant Barnes squad had reached the gates the two British medics from 2nd armoured company had come out of the farmhouse carrying a wounded man. The man had been bitten by zombie but was not infected. He was removed from the area in the ambulance and quarantined at the British barracks.

Upon investigation in the building. Sergeant Barnes found four dead British infantry men, all four had been bitten and had been killed by gunfire. All four had come into contact with the enemy Zedtruppen. It is my evaluation that Zedtruppen can pass on the infection even though they are a controlled war zombie. We must proceed with caution against the German Special Weapons Panzer Division in our area.

Lt. Green
1st company
305th US Armoured

  1. montiboy says:

    Nice to read. So the troopers start to unveil knowledge of the Zedtruppen. But does it mean something big is coming? Very well done!

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