Achtung Hitler Part III – The Battle of Saint Stephans

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The War Diary of Lt. Green, 305th US Armoured Division

12th of January 1948

The Church of Saint Stephan, on the edge of the French Dead Zone

Colonel, today has seen a fight the likes of which I have never seen. We had begun to ship the three crates under cover as instructed posing as a medical convoy. We had divided our group into the three vehicles. The British medical team (rescued last year) were in the ambulance with one crate, Sergeant Barnes and his team with a jeep with one crate and myself with my squad in the remaining jeep with the final crate. Destined for *CENSORED* we had stationed overnight at the Church of St. Stephan. The church is not within the dead zone and has seen no previous interference from the enemy so we were expecting little trouble. In the morning we were preparing to depart when movement was spotted to the north west of the church over a ridge.


Lt. Green (rep 4) starts to the south of the church where the jeeps are parked in an orchard. He leads his men (all rep 3) west to the south of the ridge.

The British medical team head into the church, they are poorly armed and not combat ready. (Rep 3, two pistols and a sten)


Sarge takes his men to the north east of the church, PFC. Danisco remains just inside the walls of the church. Pvt. “Jimmy” Juniper enters the church to take up a firing position in the bell tower.


The Cult of Eigon (rep 4 led by a rep 5 leader) advance to the ridge. They are extremely well armed with new FG42 assault rifles and a MG32 carried by the red hooded cultist.


Insight tests are taken! The Cultists get the jump on Sarges men and lay down withering fire on Pvt. Williams who was caught out in the open.


Williams takes a hail of bullets and is cut down. Farrah returns fire from the cover of the hedge.


The gunfire gets the attraction of the undead! German war zombies begin to stir from their graves.


Lt. Green shoots at the flank of the cultists but achieves little. Pvt. Cooper is wounded and Pvt. Toledo is stunned.


Pvt. Juniper from his bell tower sniping position wounds a cultist with his trusty semi automatic rifle. Pvt. Farrah takes down the MG32 gunner and his team mate. A zombie moves in to feast on the gunner whilst the rest of the cultists head out of the line of fire.


Sarge takes up a firing position to block off the cultists and chop down a zombie. The undead move towards Williams dead and bleeding body.


A zombie crashes into the cultists knocking down one unlucky gent.


Cultists make good eating… nom, nom, nom…


The dice come up doubles and I draw a random event card. A new PEF appears inside the centre of the church.


Rescuing their cult brother, the cultists edge up to the wall to avoid Junipers sniper fire.The zombies feast on Williams while Sarge falls back inside the church grounds.


Another random event. The zombie feasting on the MG gunner is now a very fat corpulent zombie indeed.


The PEF that appeared in the centre of the church moves, activates and is revealed to be another group of cultists trying to enter the church grounds in the main entrance!


After a hug insight firefight, two cultists duck back round hedges and one is cut down to become zombie fodder! Sarge comes under intense fire and uses his star power to become stunned instead of dead!


Cultists charge over Williams body into the church yard and come under fire from the window by a plucky British medic. He succeds against all the odds in dropping the two cultists to the ground. The Zombies eagerly feast on the corpses. The cult leader, not fancying his chances vaults the walls and sprints for safety.


Corporal Devine is knocked to the ground. Lt. Green and  Pvt. Kildare drag the zombie back stopping it from ripping out the corporals throat.


Cultists shoot down a zombie while their brothers run and are eaten!


Pvt. Toledo carrying the wounded Pvt. Cooper comes under attack from zombies coming from the orchard. Lt. Green and Kildare save Corporal Devine.


A cultist is zombie chow. The British medic tries to kill the undead from the safety of the church window but achieves little.


Sarge retreats into the church and his men along with the British medics take up firing positions at the window. The last remaining cultist on the road is attacked to the rear by a sneaky zombie. His fallen brother is drawing a crowd of undead hungry to eat his flesh.


Taking advantage of the American retreat and wall of zombies in front  of the church, the two surviving cultists run to the American jeeps… containing one of the precious mysterious crates each and their prime objective!


The two cultists manage to hotwire the jeeps and steal the crates! They escape off map back and head back to the League of Eigons lair…


Sarge hears the jeeps roar off into the distance! Charging out of the church he primes a grenade and heads to the British ambulance. The zeds finish the cult meal and turn towards entrance of the church yard.


The grenade is a direct hit! Astonishingly blowing up six zeds (an impact 2 weapon!) and knocking the rest down. The Brits and Sarges squad pile into the ambulance ready to chase after the stolen jeeps. Juniper pops the weasel and finishes off the only zed inside the churchyard.


lt. Green is cut off from his Sergeant and leads his men down the road away from the church. They retreat in good order. Only Toledo lags behind carrying the heavier than he looks Cooper.


Knocking zeds out of the way, the ambulance careers after the jeeps and leaves the table… Only the living dead remain behind at Saint Stephans…

In the next game I will have to figure out a car chase scenario involving the two fast jeeps and the slower but armed to the teeth Ambulance!

  1. montiboy says:

    What a turn of events. The cultists failed to actually kill the Allies but get 2 crates. Hopefully they won’t be lucky on the road.

  2. montiboy says:

    Great battle report. I loved the turn of events and the fact that the cultists instead of dying in the open took the crates instead.
    what will happen on the road? What will happen to Lt Green?

  3. Sean says:

    Great story and a beautiful table.

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