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24th of November, 1947

Dearest Mother,

I trust this letter reaches you before the new year! The lads and I are very grateful for the coffee and chocolate you sent and we will have a slap up feast on Christmas Day, Cookie can do wonders with a can of spam and corned beef!

The weather here is starting to get cold, the leaves are falling in waves of golden brown, red and orange. It really is beautiful here in CENSORED however windy it gets! Yesterday we were on patrol in the local area and we found a lovely house by a track. The gardens were in good order, just a few weeds trying to choke the remaining flowers. You would never think that this war had ever happened here. The house itself looked empty. No bullet holes, no broken windows or blasted walls. No smoke rising from the chimney! I sat in the jeep as we drove by thinking to myself that’s a place to retire to, when this (some say endless) war ends.

Of course no one was around. No one alive that is. Who would want to live in the CENSORED CENSORED zone? It was just as we drove past that the first ones of the morning shuffled out of the gardens. I remember looking in the mirror and seeing one of our own paratroopers stumbling down the road behind us, almost as if he had just landed out of the sky. Dragging his parachute behind him along the muddy track. For a second I nearly stopped the jeep, he looked so human. You could see it in the eyes though. They always give it away. That soulless glass window look. Like looking down on the creek water at Joes farm. Johnny just leaned out of the window and sent that boy to heaven. Quick, clean. The Padre says they don’t feel pain when we send them to God. But each time I pull the trigger I just can’t help but see their own mother, waiting for a son or daughter that won’t be home for Christmas.

Sarge was in the jeep in front. A German one was in the way. He just rolled right over it as if it wasn’t even there. I saw it just go under the wheels and be churned down into the mud. They have fitted these CENSORED to the CENSORED now. Just shoves them out of the way. Easy. Otherwise we get stuck, particularly in larger groups of them and no one wants that. It happened to the Lieutenants jeep two weeks ago. We had a good laugh about that back at the camp.

I am afraid I have to go now for a while. We are moving to CENSORED with some CENSORED that we found. Freakish things still won’t open though. We have tried crowbars, even a grenade! Must be something good for Fritz to lock them up like that. Johnny thinks it might be gold! The corporal is running a book on what it is. I am sure we will find out soon enough.

I trust you and May are keeping well, please give my regards to everyone. Have a great Christmas and don’t worry, I will be home soon.

All of my love,